Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Men of the Market

Taking care of our grocery needs in the 50's were Ray Weber, Martin Baker, Harry Herrin, Bill Eyman and Lloyd Vass. The next photo features the Rainbo Bread man (hmmm...does anyone know his real name?), Lloyd Vass, Martin Baker, Ray Weber, Tim Cooley and Russell Dorr. Martin Baker later became our city Postmaster. Thanks to his granddaughter, Deb Sprague, for sharing her great photos!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Santa loves Bevier!

Back before the Christmas in Bevier festivities began, Santa would stop at the school to hear the wish lists! Check out Rick Shoemaker, Mark Miller and Mike Kindle talkin' with "the man" back in '65! ~cg

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Bevier & Southern 102

The 102 was running coal about 1918-1919, but that's just about all I know about her. Can anyone enlighten us on the background of this mogul? ~cg

Bevier Congregational Church

The Congregational Church has, sadly, fallen into major disrepair. I came across this photo from an old postcard. Just look at how lovely this church was in the beginning! Those gorgeous spires! It must have been the pride of Bevier when it was then known as the English Congregational Church.

1958 - Our Centennial Year!

Do you have photos from Bevier's Centennial celebration in 1958? Please share them on this blog! At top are three of the "Sisters of the Swish" -- Florence Ricker, Irene Basler and Thelma Baker at Baker's Market. Next pic is Henry Edwards, standing beside the newly-dedicated monument in the city park. Last is Bruce Slightom, dressed as a miner in the parade (2nd place in the costume contest). How did you celebrate in 1958? Let us know! ~cg

Saturday, May 24, 2008

We Were the Champions! 1999

Pictured here are the following proud Wildcats: Front row, left to right: Andrew Murphy, Aaron McVicker, Ryan Tate, Jason St. Clair, Joey Contratto. Second row: Randy Tolle (assistant coach), Roland Carnahan, Shandon Allen, Casey McLin, Ryan Mason, Josh Allspach, Obadiah Dalrymple, Derek Fredman, Randy Julius (Coach).
Bevier's 1999 Baseball State Championship Team! Wildcats have also been State Champions in Girls' Softball, and they have traveled to the final four in basketball! Purple and White! Dyn-o-mite... Send me a photo of your favorite sports moment via email, and I'll post it on the blog with your comments.... We need a shot of the Lady Wildcat Championship Team, as well.....!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Wonderful Jim Buster

So many of us have a place in our hearts for Mr. B, James Buster, who taught at Bevier for many years, serving as 7th grade teacher and counselor. This photograph, taken at his retirement, captures Mr. B. doing something he often shunned, speaking in public. Although he goes on record as one of the most intelligent people we will ever meet, Mr. B.'s forte was conversation... witty, warm, and to the point of it all, conversation.

He was fond of sarcasm, loved to laugh, and was often known to say, "This too shall pass," whenever the going got truly tough. Whether you were a coworker, a student, or a friend, you have many Mr. B. stories. This would be the post to share your warmth and affection for this wonderful man. To leave a comment, simply click on the small number/comment label at the bottom of this post. Thank you so much for helping give us more memories of Mr. B. Don't stop at one if you have more. We love comments.

Chocolate Heaven

"This must be what heaven is like," said one Bevier Sesquicentennial leader as she surveyed the bounty for sale Saturday in the group's highly successful Chocolate Fest. Donations and proceeds from this event netted over $500 to be used for the Sesquicentennial Celebration in October. Purchases ranged from chocolate cookies to pies, Black Forest rolls, fudge, and gourmet cakes and brownies.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bevier Prom

Hollywood Theme.... Beautiful girls and gorgeous guys... Bevier's Prom '08 was a beautiful evening.

Saturday, April 26th... They Grand Marched at the school at 5 p.m. and then dined at the Pear Tree from 6 to 8. Then they danced in these fabulous decorations at the Black Diamond Building until 11. Following that many attended an After-Prom party at the school. If you attended or helped sponsor, we'd love you to post your thoughts and memories. What a lovely night.