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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lunch Ladies Extraordinaire!

Hazel Yocum, Lenora Tuttle and Kathleen Weber were the best of the best...lunch ladies, that is! The food my daughters were served in our big-city school was nothing even close to what these women could prepare from standard-issue ingredients. This photo is from 1968...back when the cafeteria was on the stage. At least once a year, someone would push back their chair a little too far and take a header onto the gym floor below. Also, when we had finished eating, we had to present our finished trays to the teacher for inspection. Heaven help you if you hadn't finished all your buttered peas!

Hazel was also famous for something else. At Halloween, she would make the most fabulous popcorn balls! Truly, they were legendary...our group of friends would plan our route around Hazel's house...knowing that she would go to bed early and we didn't want to miss out on her popcorn balls! Her daughter Jean sent us the recipe...and I think Hazel would get a real kick out of it being posted here for you. ~cg

Hazel Yocum's Popcorn Balls
5 quarts popped corn (she used Orville Redenbacher large kernel)
2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups water
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1 teaspoon vinegar (she never added this)
1 teaspoon vanilla (she never added this either)

Put the popped corn in a large pan of some kind (she would spray the pan with Pam for easier cleaning). Combine the sugar, water, salt, & syrup (would add the vinegar here if you want to use it). Cook to hard ball stage (250ยบ) Add vanilla here if you want to use it. Pour slowly over popcorn; mix well to coat every kernel. Press in balls. Use butter or have ice water to dip hands in to keep from burning them. Makes 15 to 20 balls. Wrap in Saran Wrap.

We made them one year for Dad's bus kids and formed the balls around candy canes. You can also tint the syrup with green or red for Christmas. Mom always loved making these till she just wasn't able, then I helped her and finally did it all for her. She would have kids come to the door and say, "My Mom & Grandma are in the car and they used to come here can they have one too?" Jean

60 Years Ago...Happy Reunion Year, Class of 1948!

Here's a salute to the class of 1948! You may need to double-check the photos to see the names properly. Aren't they a sassy-looking bunch? This was pre-Wildcat days, folks...the basketball team was the Eagles, and they played their home games outside. Mr. John R. Amedei was the history teacher and coach...that's him in the bottom photo with the girl's team...I know Zelma Joyce Herrin is in there somewhere... ~cg

Little Mr. and Miss Bevier

The Little Mr. and Miss Bevier contest continues to be a highlight of Bevier Homecoming festivities! At top is the 1968 royalty, Alan Sprague and Beth Ann Richardson. Bottom photo is Brad Sprague and Lisa McGhee, the 1970 Little Mr. and Miss. ~cg

Now, here is a fun quiz for you!
Can you name any women who wore both crowns...
Little Miss Bevier AND Bevier Homecoming Queen?
(Please post your answer!)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

School Carnival

Do you remember when the annual School Carnival meant cake walks, one-act plays, elementary grade musical productions and a king and queen chosen by how many pennies were tossed in a jar?

These pics are from 1976. There's Brenda Harrington and Mary Douglas -- they were HILARIOUS in the Carol Burnett skit "As the Stomach Turns" performed in the Coffee Klatch Playhouse (aka: the band room). Next, Danny Ausmus, Roger Rector, Beth Peukert, Toni Allen and Janis Howe wait to see who will be crowned by the previous Carnival King & Queen, Randy Watson and Marianne Perry (seated).

I wish I had photos from some of those elaborate productions from elementary school! I remember when we danced and sang to "Glow Worm." The stage was dark and we had little flashlights that blinked. One year we were all dressed as poinsettias...and I almost drove my dad crazy trying to memorize that song.

THE BEST, though, had to be "Babes in Toyland." I think Brenda Formento and Doug Boze had the lead roles -- the children who visited Toyland. Everyone else was some kind of toy. There were army men, tin soldiers, dancing dolls, stuffed toys and a jack-in-the-box on that stage. I don't remember what kind of toy I was...just that I was jealous of Brenda Harrington because I wanted to be a talking doll like her. Oh, if anyone has photos of that production, please share them with the blog! ~cg

The "Mini" B&S

Blessed be! Ray Pfeiffer was kind enough to work some PhotoShop magic on this photo. (Thank you, Ray!) Now you can better see the workmanship the men put into building the miniature steam engine that served to promote the Bevier & Southern in several parades around the area. Red Turpin did a lot of the work on this little train. This was taken in Marceline and the year was 1965. That's me...the engineer! The train was made of metal and wood and powered by a riding lawn mower motor. Since I was only five at the time, Debbie Osman (a teenager) actually did the driving on the parade route. We had such fun! ~cg

Images from the 1971 Bevier Homecoming

1) Rebekah Lodge float -- Tina Casey, Josephine Rector and ?; 2) Belinda Richardson; 3) Ricky McVicker; 4) the Adams Market float -- that's Tamara Adams and her little brother Jarett; 5) Baptist Church float.

PLEASE! If you notice an incorrect name or date...go ahead and leave a post to let us know! We promise we won't be insulted!

Images from 1983 Bevier Homecoming...

Were you involved with any of these entries, or do you know the people on the floats? Please leave a post and share the info! ~cg

Friday, June 20, 2008

...and still more from 1983!

Whew! There were sure a lot of nice parade entries in '83! I just wish I had taken better notes! The top two pics are of the Pappenfoht family...celebrating their German heritage. Peabody Coal Company had a horse-drawn float that year...and I'm pretty sure the Rebekahs had the decorated car. ~cg

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Images from 1997 Bevier Homecoming

Top photo shows the Homecoming attendants Terri Ann Powel and Janet Pfiefer waving at the crowd.
Bottom snapshot pictures Heins Pappenfoht walking beside his son Gerred driving a MASH "jeep."

Italian Festival -- June 22nd

Once again the weather smiled on a Bevier Sesquicentennial Festival, and the storm clouds parted just as the event began. Music, dancing, laughter-- delicious food, and fine company. This was a Sunday to remember... Chime in here and identify yourselves or your friends in these photos. Thanks for the great day! --- gjp

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Look who was "in the news"....

"Homecoming News was both made and worn by little Miss Marianne Perry, who took second prize in the character costume division of the 30th annual Bevier Homecoming parade. Her beruffled frock and bonnet were fashioned of Bevier Chronicle-Heralds and she carried as her purse a miniature mailbox with rolled up newspapers inside. Marianne is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Perry of Bevier."

This was the article posted in the Chronicle Herald about Marianne Perry Murphy. What a costume! Anyone who has been her student can attest she has not lost this flair for the news and history, her drive to achieve high goals in teaching, contests, and sports... or her attention to detail. Marianne currently teaches 8th grade at Bevier C-4, where she is a highly respected teacher, beloved by her students. She, her husband George, and their son Andrew have always participated with flair in the school and Homecoming events of Bevier... What a great photo!---- gjp

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Images from 1994 Bevier Homecoming

I'm pretty sure I recognize Tina Waite and Beth Peukert Hall in the top pic...helping their sons up the hill. Next are the reunion floats for the classes of '64 and '74, followed by the 1994 royalty...Little Mr. and Miss Bevier--Tristin Wilson and Justin Gladbach, and Homecoming Queen Greta Cross, driven by Rick and Justin Cannan. Who else do you recognize in these photos? ~cg

Thank You, Mrs. Craig

I just heard that heaven has welcomed another wonderful teacher. Mrs. Charlotte Craig taught business at BHS for several years. Just when she thought that she had moved on, she received another call from Mr. Amedei, our long-time superintendent; he was desperate to find a 3rd grade teacher for the 1967-1968 school year! You would have thought that Mrs. Craig had been an elementary school teacher all of her life. She was terrific. Wonderful memories! ~cg

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mark your Calendars for the Italian Festival in June

A Little Taste of Italy
Bevier Sesquicentennial Italian Festival
June 22, 2008
12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m.
Downtown Bevier, Missouri

Wine Tasting ~ Bocce Ball ~ Games Music~ Good Food
Italian Ice (Lemon Slush)
Frittata (Spinach Omelet)
Frittura Dolce
Pasta Fritti (Fried Bread)
Italian Meat Balls
Pasta Salad
Italian Cookies

Come! Let’s Celebrate
La Dolce Vita! (the sweet life)

We're Having a Contest!

Would you like a chance to win our surprise Sequicentennial basket? Just post a memory or comment, or share a photo with us for the blog...anytime during the month of June. Make sure we have your email address or other means of contacting you, because we'll draw a winner from all participants on June 30. The basket will have a Sesqu mug, candle and other goodies! Any Bevierite would be proud to win this!