Sunday, June 22, 2008

School Carnival

Do you remember when the annual School Carnival meant cake walks, one-act plays, elementary grade musical productions and a king and queen chosen by how many pennies were tossed in a jar?

These pics are from 1976. There's Brenda Harrington and Mary Douglas -- they were HILARIOUS in the Carol Burnett skit "As the Stomach Turns" performed in the Coffee Klatch Playhouse (aka: the band room). Next, Danny Ausmus, Roger Rector, Beth Peukert, Toni Allen and Janis Howe wait to see who will be crowned by the previous Carnival King & Queen, Randy Watson and Marianne Perry (seated).

I wish I had photos from some of those elaborate productions from elementary school! I remember when we danced and sang to "Glow Worm." The stage was dark and we had little flashlights that blinked. One year we were all dressed as poinsettias...and I almost drove my dad crazy trying to memorize that song.

THE BEST, though, had to be "Babes in Toyland." I think Brenda Formento and Doug Boze had the lead roles -- the children who visited Toyland. Everyone else was some kind of toy. There were army men, tin soldiers, dancing dolls, stuffed toys and a jack-in-the-box on that stage. I don't remember what kind of toy I was...just that I was jealous of Brenda Harrington because I wanted to be a talking doll like her. Oh, if anyone has photos of that production, please share them with the blog! ~cg

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Danny Ausmus not David