Saturday, June 28, 2008

Little Mr. and Miss Bevier

The Little Mr. and Miss Bevier contest continues to be a highlight of Bevier Homecoming festivities! At top is the 1968 royalty, Alan Sprague and Beth Ann Richardson. Bottom photo is Brad Sprague and Lisa McGhee, the 1970 Little Mr. and Miss. ~cg

Now, here is a fun quiz for you!
Can you name any women who wore both crowns...
Little Miss Bevier AND Bevier Homecoming Queen?
(Please post your answer!)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! Yes I remember Beth Richardson Faught was Little Miss(as pictured) and also became the 1978 Homecoming Queen!!


Anonymous said...

In the BEVIER 125 YEAR OLD BOOK on page 49 it says that Loweta Whitaker and David Reese Jones were Little Mr & Miss Bevier in 1936.
The next one was in 1962


150 Years said...

I have amended the original post so that it no longer contains that incorrect information. Thanks for the info, and thanks for reading the blog! ~cg

Anonymous said...

Beth Richardson Faught was Little Ms. Bevier in 1968 and Bevier Homecoming Queen in 1978. Her Son David was Little Mr. Bevier and her son Derrick was runner up the years they were in it.

Anonymous said...

In the picture of Little Mr. & Miss Bevier, the man with his back to the camera is Edward Perry. The gold El Camino used for the "mini" float belonged to Macon Electric Cooperative. Mr. Perry was the manager of MEC from 1957 until his retirement in 1980.