Saturday, June 28, 2008

60 Years Ago...Happy Reunion Year, Class of 1948!

Here's a salute to the class of 1948! You may need to double-check the photos to see the names properly. Aren't they a sassy-looking bunch? This was pre-Wildcat days, folks...the basketball team was the Eagles, and they played their home games outside. Mr. John R. Amedei was the history teacher and coach...that's him in the bottom photo with the girl's team...I know Zelma Joyce Herrin is in there somewhere... ~cg


fjyb said...

Basket Ball team first for Bevier in several years. Members from left to right : John Amedei,?, Darlene Kindle, Zelma Herrin,Ann Lenzini,Marjorie Ash, Marian Peukert, Jean Yocum, Mary Edith Lea, Phyllis Peyton.

150 Years said...

Received via email from fiyb...
"We played basketball in the city park, where the Homecoming Stand is now, we had to go and sweep the dirt so it was solid, always had to play in the day time as we didn't have lights, finally someone put some lights on wires around the court! We had to go to Macon School to practice on their gym, boy, did the Macon kids ever make fun of us!
This team brought back the first trophy from the Ethel Tournament and it was the Sportsmanship!! We didn't win a game but we were sure proud of getting that.
We had a good softball team too."

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why we choose the name or why we had green and white uniforms!! Guess we just wanted to be different.

Remember when we used to paint the school bell on the South lawn when we were seniors???