Monday, October 6, 2008

The Colonel would have loved it!

What a wonderful surprise! Clarence Bevier, a 7th-generation descendant of Col. R.S. Bevier came from Florida to join our celebration! Clarence visited with many residents this past weekend, including our wonderful Sesquicentennial Chair, Patty Cheever (top) and the Pappenfoht girls (bottom). Clarence is not only a celebrity for descending from the Civil War hero after whom our town was named, but he has also set a Guiness Book World Record...for the fastest recitation of the alphabet...backwards! ~cg

Clarence Bevier during Saturday's events. What a treat to welcome our little city's namesake!

Mr. and Mrs. Bevier attended the style show and tea on Sunday afternoon.

On Friday evening Mr. Bevier recited the alphabet backwards... in what seemed like a fraction of a second. The citizens of Bevier truly appreciate the time and expense of such a long trip and would love to welcome the couple back again soon. --- gp

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