Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bevier & Southern Railroad Company - Christmas Party 1960

These photos are from a Christmas party for the B&S employees in 1960. Let's see if we can identify everyone in these photos! Post what you know! (Double-click on the image for an enlarged view.) ~CG


lisa said...

on the bottom picture 5th person over is Dee Richardson and the little short lady next to him is Opal Richardson. This is sight is great,I enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

Cindy Shatzer said...

I'm sure that is Ella Williams
(8th from left) peeking from behind someone else. It may be her husband Frank behing her and to the picture's left. To Ella's left and our right, is her daughter-in-law Letha Williams. Letha's husband Franklin is behind her. Then from the other end of the pic, third and second from the right are Viola Slightom, holding baby Cyndi, and Clinton Slightom, the proud papa.
The bottom photo shows Buck Amedei and wife Neva, I think Beulah Cross and husband John, Dee Richardson and wife Opal. Don't know the next few but suspect they may be the Agee family. Then I see Dot Stuart, in the black dress, and maybe her husband behind her.

mike b said...

Top picture: The 3rd person from the left is George William Whitaker, the 5th person from the left is his wife Francis (Sachs) Whitaker. My grandparents