Thursday, April 10, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Growing up in Bevier meant spending time at the ball park! Whether it was a high school game or the Bevier All-Stars taking the field, ball games were definitely a family event. This pic is from 1969, and there is Chester and Elizabeth Dwiggins, Becky Dwiggins, Bonnie Harrington, Regina Brant and Brenda Harrington.
I remember some of the "lucky" kids got to make some extra cash by collecting discarded pop bottles and turning them in at the stand for deposit money. Whenever a foul ball was hit, a crowd of boys would chase after it. They could return it to the team and get a dime! Though I was never allowed to take advantage of these money-making opportunities, I can tell you that the popcorn made in the Bevier ball park stand and served in a plain brown bag by Mr. Willie Jones was the best popcorn EVER! ~CG

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