Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bevier All-Stars - 40 Years! the All-Stars had their 40th reunion at the Odd Fellows building on Saturday of Homecoming. I show up to play "roving reporter" for the blog...without a battery in my camera. Oh well, Bill Herrin came up with these "oldies" to hold you over until someone takes pity and sends us pics from the reunion. By the way, that's Terry Peukert accepting one of the team's MANY trophies earned between 1968 and 1971. ~cg
If you would like one of the reunion hats, click HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Top Photo: "Yogi" Biondi, ?, ?, Ronnie Biondi, ? Peukert, Barry Patrick, Willie Jones, ?, Bill Herrin Front Row: ?, ?, Mike Baker, Larry Biondi, David Winn, Bat Boy-Greg Buster

Next Photo: ?, ?, ?, Barry Patrick, Billy Don Day, Front Row: Greg Buster, Randy Julius, ?, ?, Bill Herrin, David Winn