Friday, August 8, 2008

Salute to Bevier's Thursday Night Event...

Here we are at the evening festivities for Bevier Homecoming '08. Since this is both the Sesquicentennial Year and the 75th Homecoming, many of tonight's performances featured reunions of local performers from a few years ago.... But of course, it also blended in just the right amount of talent and input from today's young people. They need to make their memories, too! (You can click on any photo to see it in a larger view... )
Hope Ricker Marino's School of Twirling welcomed 44 former students who announced name, favorite song, and happy memories of days with Hope. We were told by one twirler that the ability to whirl that baton is a lifetime skill... and evidently that is sooo true. Every single one of the women on stage could spin their batons with ease. Such fun!
Here is a shot of the singing group known as the Bevierettes. Led by Joetta Amedei Walter, these young women took the crowd down memory lane a bit, too.
Don't forget the alumni band, who joined the Bevier Current High School Band for some wonderful music. They brought the crowd to its feet as they closed their program with the School Fight Song... Once a Wildcat, always a wildcat I think.
These pictures don't do anyone justice. Look at the rainbow of lovely young women competing for '08 Queen. They were judged on many factors including this evening wear event and a very important interview with the judges. They also were able to mingle with queens from the past at a tea held in the Baptist Church educational building. What a cool event. The queen for this year is Shelby Cross; first princess is Lindsey Basler; and second princess is Lindsay Lowe... Everyone looked beautiful,including more that didn't get in the line of the camera due to some speakers. Lovely girls!

Former Queens from Bevier Homecoming Past.
Former queens.... looking lovely as always.Here we see the grounds during the quiet afternoon... The calm before the storm for the concession stands, Home of famed funnel cakes, wild rides, and the World famous Bevier Homecoming Hamburger.

You must be present to win! And register every night... Prizes range from hats and t-shirts to 100 dollars cash... The crowd sticks around for that.
Lights upon the midway.... This year's Murphy Brothers carnival steals the show for the younger ones while the Grandstand claims the attention for those seeking memories.... Two more nights await. And the parade on Saturday. See you there.. Don't forget your hamburgers.

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