Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bevier Homecoming Parade!

Didn't Janet make a great Mary back in 1987? I love it!!! The Sacred Heart Church always had a great float. You know, most every kid in and around Bevier ended up in the parade at some point...either on a float, decorated bike, marching with the band or just walking with mom dressed in some this-is-just-too-hot-for-words costume! Share your memories and your pics, and we'll even let you brag about how many ribbons you won! ~CG


Gayla said...

Oh, yeah. Gerred's "boybug" costume was a killer. So hot to do all that walking!

Anonymous said...

This is not exactly a comment about the Homecoming Parade, although I think most of us could write books. It is, however, a note of praise to the two "bloggers." What a great job!!!