Sunday, March 9, 2008

Meet Me In .... Bevier, m'dear

1976 Cast of Meet Me in St. Louis
Front row: Cindi Slightom, Janet Adams. Second row: Colleen Wiggans, Brenda Harrington, Paula Falkiner. Back row: Roberta Hunter, Carolyn Martie, Richard Wells, Natalie Long, Bobby Craig, Tim Gill, Laura Thrasher, Doug Simons, Pam McVicker, Gina Pinkerman.

In 1975 this group of young Bevier students met a very young, totally inexperienced English teacher for the first time. These kids demonstrated quickly the elements of becoming a "Bevier person." I (of course, I was the new teacher!) soon found out that being a part of Bevier School meant dedicating a lot of hours to wonderful projects. I also discovered kids and parents who were more than willing to devote even more hours for school, community, and local events. Meet Me in St. Louis, my first attempt at directing a high school drama, was a memorable evening. Flowers arrived from parents to congratulate students. I experienced a true "opening night," and the cast will forever remain an entity in my memory, each person adding that special sparkle to the drama. I continue teaching here at Bevier, and as I look into my classes I see many students who are children of students I once taught in my earlier days. That unique experience of seeing generations unfold truly teaches me the lesson I feel most valuable: Time ticks on. People come into our lives and quietly (0r not so quietly) leave an imprint of themselves and their potential. Life is short, sweet, and full of promises.

Bevier's 150 years must seem like an eternity to our students who are waiting on their side of the banks... but if it is only about six times the span of time I've known Bevier folks, it has passed in a flash. Several of the young people in this photograph above, too, too many, have already passed into Heaven, but that strong spirit they gave us will never leave. We loved them then, and we love them now.

Please email me your photos and memories to You can also let me know about your bulletins of upcoming events, and your ideas for articles for this blog. And take a look at this year's sophomore class (plus a few juniors and seniors) as they cheered for their 2008 Homecoming Wildcats. These wonderful young people are a part of our future, but even sweeter for those of us who watch them, they are a part of our past. Enjoy the ride... -- G.P.

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