Saturday, March 22, 2008

Class of 1943

I know that Charlotte (Cress) Cross was a member of this class, but I'm not sure who else. This was their parade entry in 1983, for their 40th reunion. CG


fricker said...

The Freddie Ricker family actually built this float for Florence & Freddies class of 43'. WD Wright of Huntsville was the driver with Freddie Ricker Jr assisting, Fred Ricker Sr walking alongside and Frederick Ricker portraying student at desk. This float took 1st place in the small float class.

fricker said...

Members of the class of 43 were as follows: Wayne Rinehart, Shirley Ann Morrow, Florence Aldredge, Roland Pagliai, Nancy Cox, Aileen Peukert, Jimmy Beltramo, Kathryn Bischoff, Cordelia Connor, Charlotte Cress, Dean Dawson, Freddie Formento, Steve Tom Griffiths, Tommy Herrin, Franklin Williams, Leon Hildebrandt, Freddie Ricker, Doris Kilgore, Dean Lea, Jean Lea, Juanita McKinstry, Dixie Moore, Ivan Walton. Class sponsor was Faye W Christ, and the Superintendent was C.N. Dye.