Sunday, March 16, 2008

Inside the Roundhouse

Mike Haper has been so generous in allowing us to use the wonderful photos he shot back in the early 60's, and this one brings back so many memories! I loved the smell of the roundhouse. Then again, I loved the smell of Hyde's Garage too, but the roundhouse smelled even better! Keep in mind that all the drills, sanders and stiff were steam-driven. It was LOUD when all those belts started to move! That's a blacksmith's forge in the top left corner. The B&S stayed with steam engines for as long as they could. Even after parts were no longer available, a master blacksmith named Ralph Blake could make just about any part that they needed. I have a brass bank that he made for me when I was born and I cherish it. When Mr. Blake died, the B&S had no choice but to go to diesel engines. That's when they sent my dad, Clinton Slightom, to Hannibal to learn the trade and he became the diesel mechanic for the B&S. ~CG

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