Friday, March 21, 2008

The Workhorse of Bee-Veer Mine

One of the largest, mobile land-stripping machines of its day was the workhorse of the Bee-Veer mine. It stood 12 stories tall, weighed in at 3,210 tons and sported a 65-cubic-yard bucket and a boom that reached 170 feet in length. My uncle, Paul E. "Gene" Slightom, was one of the operators. The cab was on the second floor, which he reached by elevator. The maintenance men worked on the third floor. Let's take the time to document the names of all the individuals who worked on this magnificient piece of machinery, before those names are lost to the past! Please leave your post now! ~CG


150 Years said...

Lois McQuitty asked me to leave the following comment to this post:

My dad, Lewis "Squee" Amedei was a groundman on the
Big David and also the 950 shovel. David Cheever's Dad was an operator
and so was Ron's uncle, Robert "Cotton" McQuitty.

fricker said...

Frank Ricker-1st shift oiler
Rudolph (Rudy) Ricker-2nd shift operator
Freddie Ricker Sr-2nd shift groundman
David Cheever- 3rd shift operator
Joe Formento-1st shift groundman
Bob Ruth-1st shift oiler(lost life in 75 boom collapse)
Earl White, G.C. Ray, Leroy Purdy, John Brown, Ronnie Brown. Try to secure more names at a later date.